Why am I seeing outages but none are being reported? (Click Here for More Info)

There may be several reasons why you are seeing an outage on your site(s), but no official report from us.

1. We have no knowledge of the outage, but it will be noticed and investigated soon.
2. We are working to resolve the outage, but have not issued a statement yet.
3. Our server firewall is blocking your IP address for whatever reason.
4. There was a network "hiccup" or temporary packet loss.
5. The outage exists only on your side.

If you have checked out server status page at http://hostarmor.com/clients/serverstatus.php and do not see uptime less than 1 day, or no open issues, there is a possibility that the issue exists in the last 3 reasons. First, we would recommend you clear your DNS cache, search for "clearing DNS cache for (Windows/Windows 7/Mac/Linux)" and follow the instructions for your system. That will ensure you have the latest info from the server and the info that any new visitor to your site will see. You could also try clearing your browser cache.

Should the problem still persist, we ask that you attempt loading the site(s) from another device, preferably a mobile phone that is on a separate Internet connection. This will help to troubleshoot if the problem exists between your computer and our server, or if there is an actual outage happening. We welcome you to then contact our support department so that we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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