Why should I choose HostArmor™? (Click Here for More Info)

Our company uses the latest technology in a combination so powerful that we guarantee 99.9% uptime! We fairly price our hosting and domains to give you the most bang for your buck. Transparency is important to our company, at any time you can check the live status of our servers directly on our site. We believe in our own hosting, that's why www.HostArmor.com is hosted through our own servers instead of on a separate network. Along with everything we've listed, your choice in hosting through us means that we will set aside a 100% free hosting account for a non-profit. We hope to better the world by taking web hosting seriously. No outsourcing1. No overselling2. No contract3. No false promises4!

1 Our support, servers, and company are located in the United States.

2 When a server reaches a certain limit, we will purchase a new one, rather than cramming more clients onto it.

3 You are not locked into a contract with us, you can cancel at any time.

4 Most web hosts offer "unlimited" web hosting. This is physically impossible and an outright lie from them!

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