Is your company active on any web hosting or tech forums? (Click Here for More Info)

No, with the exception of Social Groovy forums. We believe it is an unfair use of our resources to allot time from our employees to handle with complaints, questions, or to simply defend our company reputation. If you would like to contact us directly and publicly, there are Facebook, Twitter, and Social Groovy accounts freely available for that.

We of course cannot stop you from posting reviews or forum threads elsewhere on the Internet, but please do not expect a reply. It simply is a waste of technical support help to try assisting customers outside of our monitored systems and official accounts. In addition, forum threads often lead to so-called "flame wars" and it is just easier in the long term if you provide us with direct feedback.

As we believe transparency is important in any business, all customers can freely view known network outages, email our CEO directly, or check server uptimes. If you would like something about our company (obviously not security protocols) explained better, just ask us. We're here to help!

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