While many of our customers are in the United States, a few are outside the US borders and thus some laws apply differently. One such law is the EU ePrivacy Directive (also the "UK Cookie Law") which was developed in 2011. It appears that authorities have begun enforcing the rules, and that gives no reason for you to wait until the day you receive a fine for £500,000 ($750,850)!

The quick and official guide for compliance can be found here: http://www.international-chamber.co.uk/components/com_wordpress/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/icc_uk_cookie_guide.pdf

Although we do not fall under the EU legislation, we were still going to add a small cookie warning code to our main website and order system. Upon further inspection of the document, all cookies we use are considered "strictly necessary", and thus we would be exempt from the law anyways. The only cookies on HostArmor™ are the ones used to log you in or out of our order system, or to remember your login if you select that option. To save on load times and unneeded code, we have decided to leave the warning off for now. Please feel free to view our full privacy policy here: http://hostarmor.com/privacy.html

If you would like to add a cookie warning to your site, we suggest looking at the plugins and code mentioned on http://cookieok.eu
We would also be happy to help you implement a solution if you are based in the European Union and host with HostArmor™. Just contact us through one of the many ways listed on our website.

Vasárnap, Március 3, 2013

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