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Section 1.)

These terms are a legally binding agreement between you (the customer) and us (HostArmor™). By purchasing in full or part any service or software from us, you hereby agree to abide by the below listed terms, our Privacy Policy, and to not threaten, demean, or otherwise interrupt orders of business with HostArmor™ or our employees. You also agree that all information you provide to us will be correct and kept up-to-date. You must be 18 years or older to order any service or product from us. We will send invoices to the email you provide when signing up; it is your duty to check this email and pay invoices on time through our billing system. An account with our billing system or control panel belongs to you alone, access should not be given to any third party as you will be responsible for the account at all times. You agree to comply to any administrative decision made to your account(s). Any breach of these terms will terminate our ability to do service with you and may cause legal action to ensue if applicable. Please review the below terms in full before purchasing from our company or any of our sub-divisions.

Section 2.)

Website transfers should be from cPanel hosting only; we may accept other control panels/hosting companies at our discretion. If we transfer your new site to our servers, we will not be responsible for data loss but will do our best to securely transfer all the files. Please do not delete the files from your old hosting account until the transfer and DNS updates are complete or you may risk data loss. "Domain Setups" refers to HostArmor™ entering the client's domain registrar account and changing the domain name servers (DNS) to the ones used for HostArmor™ hosting accounts, or doing the same for domains registered through us. We are not responsible for domain registrars that do not allow custom nameservers, but we will however do our best to attempt updating the nameservers and linking the domain(s) to your hosting account.

Section 3.)

Support is provided to our shared hosting customers based on the plan they have ordered. Sword includes 1 website transfer, Shield includes 2 website transfers, and Knight includes 3 website transfers. We leave our dedicated servers unmanaged by default but do have full management available as an add-on, you may consult us if you have any questions. VPS services remain semi-managed with the option for advanced support. If your issue is much more advanced than what we provide for free, we may charge a support fee. We will ask you if you would like to pay for the extra support beforehand. Examples of extra support would be: Restoring an account hacked because of the customer sharing personal information, prolonged time for setting up an SSL certificate due to difficulties with your domain registrar, or having us fix website issues that are not related to the hosting itself. See below for backup policies.

Section 4.)

Our servers are very reliable. However, accidents do happen and so we encourage you to make backups both with our integrated backup system; and local backups on your computer or with a third-party backup service. We are not responsible for data loss as a result of "acts of god", war, natural disasters, or other calamities out of our control. If you delete a specific file/folder/account on your hosting plan, it is highly unlikely that we can retrieve it. However, we can perform full account restorations at any time for the backups we have stored. For this reason you are encouraged to keep your own backups and again we are not responsible for data loss as a result of misuse. You may request a restoration from one of our weekly backups. However, if you performed the mistake before the last backup, we will not be able to retrieve any past data. The restoration is included free via R1Soft for our Las Vegas and Luxembourg locations. We are not held liable for dedicated server backups as they are the responsibility of the customer, but FTP backup space is available as an add-on. VPS backups may be available or restored at our discretion.

Section 5.)

Payments must be made on or before the due date of an invoice or payment notification. We will only accept changes in the billing cycle before the invoice due date and invoice generation. Late invoices will result in your shared hosting account being suspended. Dedicated and VPS invoices must be paid immediately on or before the due date. Late dedicated or VPS payments will be at risk of the server being shut-down/deleted/sold. Your hosting account will be terminated after 90 days of an unpaid invoice and will have a re-activation fee of $25. Unpaid domain invoices will incur a $100 recovery fee within 25 days of the due date, after that time the domain will be publicly available for one week and, if it is not sold, you may recover it for a $250 fee within 80 days before it goes back into public availability. If you are not satisfied with our shared/business hosting service, you may request a refund within 30 days of your first purchase date as recorded by PayPal and our invoicing system. Your HostArmor™ account will be terminated once the refund is complete. Your refund will be for the amount we receive after PayPal fees; this means if we pay 50¢ in fees then your refund will be 50¢ less. Please note that this refund is only available for monthly hosting accounts.

Domain registration is non-refundable, website design is non-refundable, quarterly/semi-annual/annual/biennial/triennial hosting is non-refundable, dedicated servers are non-refundable, VPS services are non-refundable, and account credit is non-refundable. You can always upgrade your shared hosting account from monthly to another billing cycle after you've tried out the service for 30 days. Quarterly/semi-annual/annual/biennial/triennial shared and business hosting plans may be refunded for the remainder of the billing cycle but only as account credit for logo design, web design, site cleanup, ArmorUpdate™, or other shared/business hosting plans. You may not use that credit for domain registration, app development, video production, VPS services, or dedicated servers.

Section 6.)

Deposit invoices for website design must be paid in full before work on the website can begin and are non-refundable. Once the website is completed, you must pay the final amount within 24 hours. Clients who fail to pay final website amounts risk temporary site suspension until the amount is paid. Access to website files may be restricted during the creation of the website. Once completed we will create or change the login to allow for client access. Copyrights may be retained by original font creators, coders, or graphic designers. We reserve the right to use websites or logos designed by us in our portfolio or marketing materials. We reserve the right to confiscate all our design work (graphics, coding, etc.) if a project uncompleted, the client refuses to pay final amounts, and/or HostArmor™ is taken off the design team, replaced by another designer/design company, or "fired" from the project before completion.

Section 7.)

VPS and dedicated servers are non-refundable. Only monthly plans are offered at this time and are no-contract like our shared hosting. Late payments may result in immediate termination as our VPS and dedicated servers are handled differently. We will have our billing system send out reminders before the account is terminated. If you feel you will be unable to access the billing center or will be out of town, you should contact us beforehand to arrange pre-payment. Customers whose orders cannot be completed as ordered will be offered a refund. If we do not receive a response from the client within 72 hours, we will credit the payment to their account for use with website services (logo design, site design, SEO, or graphic design) or for shared hosting plans, and they will not receive a refund. Orders made with the intent of using our services in a way that would break the Terms of Service will be immediately cancelled and not issued a refund. We may offer the client credit for other services, but this is at the discretion of our company. Clients will pay all charge-back prices in full. If we did not issue the refund, clients are not allowed to charge-back or reverse payments.

Section 8.)

You may cancel your service with us at any time. However, all current invoices that you may have must be paid in full before your account can be cancelled. You must notify HostArmor™ of your cancellation request before or on the date of your next due invoice. Requests for account termination after invoices have been issued will not be honored until all pending payments have been made. You must notify us of cancellation through an email to billing@hostarmor.com or by cancelling directly through the billing system. The date on which the email or cancellation notice is received will count as the date of cancellation, no retroactive cancellations will be given. Upon cancellation of your account, all domain names will become property of HostArmor™, unless you request a domain name transfer before the hosting cancellation. Files, emails, and your cPanel account will be deleted and not available for recovery after the cancellation.

Section 9.)

All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of HostArmor™, or our content suppliers and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of the parties mentioned above and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All software used on this site is the property of HostArmor™ or our software suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws. We reserve the right to confiscate all our design work (graphics, coding, etc.) if a project uncompleted, the client refuses to pay final amounts, and/or HostArmor™ is taken off the design team, replaced by another designer/design company, or "fired" from the project.

Section 10.)

Affiliates will receive compensation only after a referred customer has been a client for a minimum of 31 days. This is to ensure the client does not request a refund before the money-back guarantee is up. Compensation is in the form of account credit. The credit may be used for HostArmor™ services only. Requests for a withdrawl to PayPal or via check may be accepted at the discretion of HostArmor™ but are not guaranteed. As a general rule, the affiliate program will earn members hosting credit. When promotions are used by affiliate sign-ups, you will be paid based on revenue from the client, e.g. a 3 month free coupon will earn the affiliate $0 for the first 3 months.

Section 11.)

Promotions may be subject to end at any time. The current prices on this website are valid and should be viewed as such when you sign up. Prices listed on 3rd party websites may be incorrect and cannot be honored by us. Hosting prices, domain prices, and web design prices may increase at any time. You can expect our prices to remain fairly consistant unless a 3rd party vendor raises prices, e.g. domain registrar increases pricing and so we must increase to compensate. You will never be back-charged for any price increases and when you order during a promotion, the promotional code will remain valid until the time it is set to finish, even if the promotion itself has ended.

Section 12.)

Your web hosting account may be used for adult content or adult websites. However, you must put measures in place to prevent said content from being accessed by minors and all content must be fully legal in your country and/or state of residence. We reserve the right to suspend your account and request proof of model age if we feel the content is questionable. To avoid service interruption, please place a "USC 2257 Compliance" on your adult website, provided that the content is in fact legal. Websites hosted by us may not contain illegal content or gambling of any kind. If you are unsure about what is illegal, please ask us first. If your site is hosting illegal or gambling content your hosting plan will immediately be suspended, you will not receive any refunds for hosting, and we reserve the right to delete all the files we deem illegal or dangerous, including malware and pirated or stolen software/movies/photos/books/torrents/"warez"/etc..

Section 13.)

Files in customer accounts are the sole responsibility of the customer. Should copyright, DMCA, or other legal action be taken against a customer's files, HostArmor™ and our entities will not be held responsible. We will conform to United States laws and will perform necessary changes to resolve the matter. Should legal action be taken against a customer which then involves HostArmor™ as a result of copyright, DMCA, or other violations ensue; the customer agrees to, and must pay, all legal fees. Please be sure to have the licensing or rights to files before you upload them to avoid any problems. Spam or trademark laws should be taken into consideration before sending out mass emails or creating websites which may infringe on a trademark. So-called "email blasts" are not allowed as this is a strain of resources and may incorrectly blacklist IP addresses. Email sent without the consent of the recipient is strictly prohibited, as well as any form of unsolicited communication. Accounts, services, and/or products found to be sending spam or violating trademark laws will be terminated and not issued any refunds.

Section 14.)

Excessive bandwidth, disk space, email, and/or processor usage by your shared hosting account may result in temporary suspension until the issue can be resolved. There is an outgoing email limit per domain on all shared servers and only one IP can be used for email on dedicated servers. You may not use shared accounts for streaming of any kind. Dedicated servers do allow for streaming within safe server limits. Processor usage may reach high levels at any given time without suspension for VPS and dedicated servers. This practice, however, is unwise and can lead to hosting issues, server reboots, or the inability to access your server. We cannot guarantee that processor usage will be allowed to reach 100% for VPS and dedicated servers due to datacenter constraints. We may ask you to upgrade to a faster VPS or dedicated server if your usage is putting a strain on the server or hardware. You may NOT use our hosting for spam, fraudulent services, or hacking purposes (even if the site is for whitehat/ethical hacking). We have measures in place to store information about our customers and will report illegal activity to the proper authorities.

Section 15.)

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if we feel your site will cause trouble or is borderline illegal. Please abide by all laws in your place of residence and/or your domain registrar's location. By purchasing from or employing HostArmor™, you hereby agree to these terms and our Privacy Policy. These terms of service are subject to change at any time without notice.

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