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 How is your company eco-friendly? (Click Here for More Info)

Here at our company we invest in LED lightbulbs (8.5-Watt) compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL...

 My site is using hostarmor.ca as a nameserver, is that part of HostArmor.com? (Click Here for More Info)

No, hostarmor.ca is owned by another individual/company. We are not affiliated with, or endorsed...

 What is an SSL certificate? Domain name? Web hosting? Website? Server? (Click Here for More Info)

These terms often come up in Internet-related discussion and are often misunderstood. Below we...

 What are your shared server specifications? (Click Here for More Info)

We power the servers with CentOS Enterprise Linux and use Intel E5 Hex-Core Processors. The...

 I've switched to your web hosting, what happened to my email account? (Click Here for More Info)

When you switch from another hosting company to our hosting, your email accounts with the...

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