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We are doing announcements on The Blog from now on (Feb. 2016) to consolidate our updates to a single system.

The announcements here are just for archive reasons.

Dec 18th Server Option Additions

All of our dedicated servers now give the choices of CloudLinux and Windows 2008/2012 R2 as an OS.We also have added the ability to select Virtualizor and WebSitePanel as optional control panels for Linux and Windows (respectively).These updates are to meet the growing demand of our client needs, and to now provide FOREX hosting via our new site, ... Read More »

Dec 4th New Datacenter Location

Due to technological incompatibility, we were unable to complete the move. Client files, emails, and databases have been left in place at our existing Florida-based datacenter and we will continue to provide the same reliable service that we have since 2011! If you have any inquires about this decision or are curious about our upcoming services, ... Read More »

Oct 2nd Registration Policy Change

We have changed our system so that if you register, you must have 1 or more active services with us. Your registration must also pass our fraud check system for order provisioning.Should your account fall inactive or services go unpaid for an extended period of time, we may choose to close your account for more accurate client service reports.If ... Read More »

Aug 3rd Single-Sign-On (SSO)

We're pleased to announce the launch of our single-sign-on system.What does this mean? It means that you can entirely manage your cPanel shared hosting account from our client area here: www.hostarmor.com/clients/clientarea.phpThis integration is made possible by the partnership between WHMCS (the billing system) and cPanel (the hosting control ... Read More »

Oct 22nd ArmorPress™

After months of planning, we've finally come together with the all-in-one WordPress package for you, ArmorPress™.Far too often people assume that WordPress can be simply installed and left to run, but there is much more than that. WordPress is a system, a machine of coding and plugins. It is easy to get carried away with the ease of use and ... Read More »

Sep 9th September Happenings

We have had a ton of success with our datacenter move to sunny Florida! Both clients and employees have been overwhelmed with the speed and sites are being served up faster than pumpkin pie! Speaking of pie, we have a delicious line up of 9 dedicated servers to fit every need of hosting.Also in recent news, we now have a handy account PIN that is ... Read More »

Jul 26th New Datacenter, Faster Servers

As many of you know, we have moved our services to a top-grade, more reliable, and amazing datacenter. Along with that move came a very nice server upgrade to hex-core processors, a 1 Gbps network connection, solid state drives, and daily backups.This year is the year we aim to offer the most secure, the fastest, and the easiest hosting you can ... Read More »

May 20th Armoring Up For Summer 2013!

Last month we launched payment processing for most of our services using Bitcoins. We've written quite a few knowledgebase articles talking about it here: http://www.hostarmor.com/clients/knowledgebase/5/Bitcoin-FAQThis month we've released a brand new online password generation tool. With 7 options available for strength and number of passwords, ... Read More »

Apr 11th Global WordPress Attacks

Right now many websites are suffering from brute force WordPress attacks. No website, hosting company, or individual is safe from this, but there are some steps you can take to manage or evade a website hack.First, you should have a new administrator username, not the default "admin". If you're still using "admin", log in, create a new ... Read More »

Mar 3rd The EU ePrivacy Directive

While many of our customers are in the United States, a few are outside the US borders and thus some laws apply differently. One such law is the EU ePrivacy Directive (also the "UK Cookie Law") which was developed in 2011. It appears that authorities have begun enforcing the rules, and that gives no reason for you to wait until the day you receive ... Read More »

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